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The new Vulcan handheld tool from Powerlase is compact and lightweight, and weighs just under 2kg. This makes it easy to reach through openings and confined spaces, this weight allows users to clean for longer periods compared to other heavier handhelds in the industry.

This ultra-light handheld packs the worlds highest pulse energy and average power delivered by a commercial laser cleaning machine on a handheld device. It can, therefore, be readily deployed for working on cranes, lifts, conveyor belts, mining, power plant equipment, oil & gas installations and give you the best possible performance.

The design of the new Vulcan handheld makes it easy to use when removing oil from stainless steel especially in confined spaces. The laser cleaning advantages of the Vulcan family become more apparent while working on larger areas that need cleaning. Merely weighing 2kg the Vulcan handheld makes laser paint removal less painful on the user. The compact Vulcan 500c and the mighty Vulcan 1600e are the ideal systems for laser for cleaning. Click to learn more about our high power lasers.

Watch the Vulcan 500c clean rust.

Contact our sales team to learn more about this innovative product, call us on the Vulcan phone number or via email below. Our team of experts are here to assist you with all your laser cleaning system questions. We look forward to hearing from you via the contact us button.