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Centauri i500

The introduction of the Centauri i500 and i1200 follow the class-leading peak power and globally proven industrial reliability of our flagship Rigel i1600e, in a compact, portable, efficient architecture. The Centauri family of lasers was developed to perform in specialty applications where the robustness and reliability of fibre lasers excel. Centauri adds further value to industrial applications by way of its flexible AgileTune™ seed technology which allows the laser output parameters to be tailored to specific applications, optimising quality and throughput. The new Centauri platform has been expressly designed to fully address the requirements for fast processing at power levels between 500W and 1200W, while still offering high peak power and pulse energy suitable for coating and paint removal, mould cleaning, surface pre-treatment, weld preparation and restoration.

“The development of the Centauri architecture was driven by a desire to satisfy customer’s asking for a compact laser solution with more flexibility, and portability” said Dr. Young Kwon, Managing Director. “Centauri’s agile seed technology allows for configurable pulse durations, shapes and repetition rates, tailored to a wide range of industrial OEM applications. With the introduction of Centauri our customers will have yet another innovative laser ablation solution in a compact package.”

The expanded pulse parameter flexibility, condition monitoring, beam stability and fibre delivery add value in a broad range of industrial applications. A wide range of industrial sectors need flexible high-speed surface preparation, such as aerospace, shipbuilding and automotive. Precision industries, such as architectural conservation, benefit from tailored pulse parameters and precision power control. All sectors can thus expect significantly reduced processing times and greater overall efficiency all while maintaining excellent quality and low waste–factors that can serve to make a laser-based application approach considerably more attractive.

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