Laser Cleaning systems can remove coatings partially in layers, precisely in discrete areas as well as completely.

Mold Cleaning

Precision mould cleaning using Laser Cleaning Technology is an economical alternative to traditional methods.


Laser Cleaning technology is a remarkable and unique tool for architectural restoration and conservation.


Laser Cleaning technology is ideal as a surface pre-treatment to enhance adhesion.


Laser Cleanings beam technology can be adjusted for the unique surface treatment of metallic materials.

Laser Marking

Almost any material can be precisely labeled with our laser marking systems.

HSTB Abalation

A 1200W laser is ablating the 30μm thick aluminium coating from a tailored blank sheet.

Cutting CFRP

The UV or green wavelengths absorb the carbon fibres and binder material alike.

Silicon Annealing

Silicon annealing is a process commonly employed in the semiconductors manufacturing industry.