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Laser De-Painting

High Pulse Energy Laser Cleaning

The Powerlase Vulcan emits pulsed NIR radiation with power up to 1600W. The laser beam is fibre delivered to the handheld processing tool.

The high energy pulses of the Vulcan laser cleaning system can reach up to 250mJ thus enabling a detachment or hybrid detachment process that removes paints and coatings at high speed over large spot sizes. The Powerlase Vulcan thus makes the process attractive to industries such as aerospace, energy generation, automotive, marine and others, where paint and coating removal speeds are important.

The patented process used by the Powerlase Vulcan system can remove most paints with speeds in excess of 0.5m²/minSee how laser de-painting compares to other methods.

Removal of automotive grade red paint and primer

Removal of automotive grade paint and primer from a steel plate with our Rigel i400. Average power used for this video was 400W. The processed area is 50x50mm and total coating thickness of 180 μm.

The primer contains metallic particles, therefore the laser beam is scanned twice until the whole coating is removed.

The beam is delivered using an optical fibre and the beam is scanned with the Powerlase process tools. The sample is scanned. The pulsed laser removes both the paint and primer, leaving behind the original steel surface, ready for repainting or further processing. Higher removal rates are demonstrated with the 1600W laser, typically above 0.5m²/min.

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