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Laser cleaning with the Vulcan series of laser cleaners from Powerlase is the optimum method for wear free cleaning with no blast media residue or disposal.

With its mobility and ease of use, the Vulcan laser cleaning systems are the future of bridge cleaning, using lower energy than more conventional cleaning methods, and less man power, this cleaning method is not only cost effective, but also saves time. Our laser cleaning method is less abrasive than other methods such as media blasting, and therefore helps to preserve bridges for longer.

  • Infrastructure preservation and maintenance
  • No environmental impact from waste material
  • Excellent surface adhesion on re-coating
  • Minimal thermal impact on steel

With the health of the environment a hot topic now, industrial cleaning must change and have a smaller impact on waste pollution and energy resources. The Vulcan family is set to change the future of large scale cleaning due to its zero waste and lower energy requirements. Surely this will pave the way for the future of industrial cleaning.

Think Green! Think Laser Clean!