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Rigel i1200E

DPSS Infra-Red Lasers (1064nm)
1.2 kW, Q-switched, DPSS laser

A 1.2 kW, Q-switched, DPSS laser, delivering high average power and high peak power at 1064 nm, unpolarised. With a well proven rugged head design, state of the art universal control system architecture and simple synchronisation with OEM equipment and process lines, this platform is ideally suited to high volume industrial applications.

The system is available as a laser head and control rack pair, with fibre or free space beam delivery options, or integrated into one unit with fibre delivery only.

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Power (W) 1200
Pulse Duration (ns) 80
Pulse Energy (mJ) 200
Minimum Spot Diameter (mm, 1/e²) 9
Fibre Delivery Contact APL

Material Processing
Photovoltaic Processing
Thin Film Removal
Rapid Laser Patterning
Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Generation