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Rigel u90

DPSS UltraViolet UV Lasers (355nm)
Q-switched, intra-cavity frequency tripled laser

A Q-switched, intra-cavity frequency tripled laser, delivering high average powers up to 90 W in an linearly polarised multi-mode beam at a wavelength of 355 nm. With a well proven rugged head design, state of the art universal control system architecture, simple synchronisation with OEM equipment and process lines, this platform is ideally suited to high volume industrial applications.

The Rigel u90 has replaced it’s predecessor, the Rigel u80, as the company flagship in the 355 nm harmonic. Powerlase has used the experience gained in industrial environments after delivering more than 36 GJ of cumulative photon energy at 355nm and designed the improved Rigel u90 laser. The new design carries improvements in lifetime and cost of ownership, while offering an extra 12.5% of average power and pulse energy. The Rigel u90 comes in a format directly matching its u80 predecessor. Options for an upgradable system or a smaller footprint laser head are available upon request.

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Power (W) 90
Pulse Duration (ns) 70
Pulse Energy (mJ) 9

Thin film removal
Photovoltiac processing
Materials processing
Surface Cleaning
Hard coating removal
Surface processing of reflective materials
Photonic curing
Polymer surface activation
Laser Lift Off (LLO)