Cleaning Tire Moulds

When it comes to the challenge of cleaning tire moulds, Laser Cleaning Technologies has solutions that deliver excellent results – from handheld to fully automated laser cleaning systems. Handheld lasers offer ease of use with the flexibility to quickly clean difficult surfaces, when and where it’s necessary. Fully automated laser systems can clean a wide-range of disassembled mold components including clam shell moulds, mould segments, sidewalls and bead rings with precision, speed, safely and cost-effectively.

Laser cleaning extends mould life. The process removes fouling and residues from sensitive surfaces without the wear caused by abrasive grit blasting or damage from kinetic energy. Moreover, laser cleaning does not force debris into micro-vents (e.g. Thielmann-vents or Euro-vents) and it can be used safely on molds with spring-type vents.

  • Uses no media – eliminate the cost of consumable ice pellets or abrasive blasting grit

  • No mould wear – extends service life

  • No damage to spring vents molds

  • Cleans moulds cold or hot – no need to pre-heat

  • Easy to operate

  • Can be used safely

  • Green process – no secondary waste

  • Flexible operation for a wide-range of mold designs and surface geometries

  • Very low operating cost

  • Precise, gentle & quiet

  • Compact system design uses minimal floor space in busy plant areas

  • Clean molds in as little as 30 minutes (depending on size and condition)

  • High reliability

  • Very low maintenance

  • Useful for many in-plant cleaning applications

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