Laser Cleaning

Printing Cylinders & Rollers

Cleaning printing machines and ink rollers machines with laser light is the latest technology. It offers many advantages when compared to traditional methods:

  • Better cleaning quality – up to 99 % of the original cup capacity can be recovered

  • No chemicals (cleaning agents, etc.), no water, no disposal  => clean and environmentally friendly method

  • Leaves no residues on cylinders

  • Saves time – cleans surfaces fast without the need to soak or wait

  • Considerably longer service intervals

Clean laser technology is a safe and reliable method with nothing to clean-up. While alternative cleaning methods (chemicals) can only re-expose a fractional amount of the capacity, Laser cleans a cylinder of 2 m in length and 30 cm in diameter in about 40 minutes time down to the pores. Result: Consistent high printing quality printing. Moreover, the time between cleanings can be increased by up to three times. Laser cleaning reduces equipment set-up time, scrap rates and costs. It improves equipment production availability while increasing service life.

Laser Cleaning Technologies offers flexible laser cleaning systems, which can be used directly inside as well as outside printing machines. Particularly good results can be achieved cleaning thrust bearings and ceramics cylinders. For print rollers, the laser treatment is controlled by means of highly magnified images of the surface condition and computer-assisted color analyses. Removed particles are captured immediately at the source so no further contamination occurs. This cleaning process not only eliminates chemical disposal expense, it helps protect people and the planet.

The laser Cleaning method is suitable for UV cured colors and coatings containing reactive components such as acrylic and meth acrylic modified polyester resins. Cleaning can easily take place in standby mode so that UV lights are preserved.

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