For adhesion, brazing, welding & varnishing

Laser Cleaning technology is ideal as a surface pre-treatment to enhance adhesion prior to the application of varnishes/lacquers as well as the preparation of parts scheduled to be brazed or welded.

Laser cleaning removes oils and other residues resulting in an optimal surface condition necessary for applying high quality clear coatings. Moreover, parts consisting of aluminum and magnesium that require brazing or welding are particularly well-suited to be pre-treated by laser light.

  • Excellent results on metallic substrates, especially on aluminum and magnesium

  • Weld seam preparation (up to 5 m / min)

  • Adhesive bonding preparation (up to 15 cm² / sec)

  • Process monitoring to assure consistent quality

  • Laser cleaning provides surface stability to optimize long-term adhesive bonding performance

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