Laser Cleaning systems can remove coatings partially in layers, precisely in discrete areas as well as completely. Laser de-coating uses pulsed and scanned beam of laser light for a process that’s free of liquids, abrasives and chemicals used with traditional methods. Paint removal technology that’s green and clean.

  • Powerful laser systems for high de-coating rates

  • No damage to substrates

  • One-step, gentle, precise & residue-free


Partial De-coating

  • De-coating as pre-treatment for brazing and welding
  • De-coating to provide metal-to-metal contact points
  • Creation of design or operational elements

Selective Paint Removal

  • Plastics & fiber composite parts
  • Corrosion protection & preventive maintenance

Complete Paint Removal 

  • Aircraft paint removal
  • Paint removal at steel structures

Removal of Vapor Deposition Coatings

  • Glass & coated plastics, e.g. photovoltaic’s
  • PVD coating incl. plasma metalizing systems
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