Laser Based Repair For

CFRP Components

Contact-less machining & pre-treatment for bonded repair

A novel laser based method enables effective ply-by-ply removal and surface pre-treatment of CFRP for structural bonded repair, e.g. for adhesive bonding of clips and clamps or structural stepped bonding. The mechanical strength properties realized in the process allow superior structural bonding behavior e.g. for aviation industries.

Features Are
  • Excellent cleaning and ablation results and speed

  • Enhanced bonding strength

  • Innovative robust diode-pumped laser technology

  • Very low running costs

  • No gas consumption, “Plug & Go”-technology

  • Flexible application due to portable technology

  • Maintenance free technology

  • High reliability, no “human error” factor, potential for automation & certification

  • No abrasives, no chemicals

  • No waste except of removed CFAP plies

  • Low noise application

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