Casting Molds

Whether its EPDM, nitrile, or natural rubber – cleanLASER has the systems that can clean virtually any mold or tool used in elastomeric material manufacturing. The laser cleaning process removes release agents, product residues and contaminants gently and safely from precision tool surfaces.

Even after thousands of cleaning cycles – the laser method does not cause mechanical damage or surface erosion… the result extended tool life

  • Abrasive and media-free

  • Hot molds can be cleaned in situ

  • Low operating costs

  • Quiet

  • Green technology – no chemicals or secondary waste

  • Extends the service life of valuable molds and tools

  • Molds with deep undercuts

  • Deep & small diameter holes

  • Molds with mirror chrome or high polished finishes

  • Thick & strongly adhered residues

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